Atlantic Engineered Products, L.L.C. offers longevity, performance and safety. Our products are designed with straightforward engineering fundamentals and are positioned by the most advanced operating systems to eliminate excessive maintenance and repair problems.


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Atlantic Engineered Product, L.L.C. builds more kinds, sizes and capacities of dock leveler products than anyone in the business today. We offer superior products thru better engineering. See our full range of products including dock lifts and truck restraints. Our business is design and manufacturing. We do not claim to build the largest volume of inexpensive products. Rather, we pride ourselves in offering superior products through better engineering and manufacturing practices. We offer experience, sales/service knowledge and extensive engineering talents for your support. We can provide adviser and recommendations for products selection, comparison, installation of service of many competitor’s products as well as our own. Let us know how we may be of service to you.

Contact Atlantic Mfg. Corp. for pit details, product specifications, dock plan guidelines and other support information. We can help you prepare a safer, more productive dock area.

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